How Do I Create Unique Interiors For My KDP Books?

It is well known that you need to have quite a few products on the KDP platform to be able to make a consistent income. Of course, you could get a real ‘hit’ with one product that many customers want and will purchase a lot of. But that doesn’t happen as often as many would like. The trick is to have a lot of products on the KDP platform so that you can have an ongoing stream of money coming in. Different products will appeal to different markets and people. 


There are a number of niches that sell particularly well – such as coloring and activity books, planners, and so forth. But these categories also have a lot of competition. You need your products to be unique and different so that they will catch a consumer’s eye and initiate the buying process.   

It is also well known that KDP frowns upon products that use the same interiors over and over again, with only the covers being different. This is where you can shine. You can create books that have unique interiors that will satisfy KDP and also will appeal to the consumers.   

It is not that difficult to create unique interiors. There are many sources where you can purchase ready-made interiors in various niches. You can buy planner interiors (weekly or monthly). You can buy plain lined journal interiors. You can buy dot grid pages to make into books. You can buy puzzles and mazes to create activity books. You can even buy coloring pages to assemble into a coloring book.    

But those options do not create unique or stand-out products. The trick is to make those ready-made interiors different and unique. These purchased interiors should act as a basis for your interiors. In other words, do not use them ‘as-is’. Make them different.   

This is not as hard as you may think. You can change each page in some of the interiors. For example, in a weekly planner – make it a Women’s Weekly Planner and gear the titles to that topic. You could add an inspiring woman’s empowerment phrase to the top of each page – something like “You Rock Girl” or “Women Make the World Go Round” or “Today Is The Day To Make Things Happen”. You can add a cute graphic of a woman in a business suit or a woman’s smiling face – and voila! You have a unique interior. You can change the boxes around on the page, change the shape of the boxes (with rounded corners or a hand-drawn effect), add a ‘Notes’ box or a ‘To-Do List’. You can change the font to something more flowery and then add a flower graphic in the corner. You can add lines into the boxes, add stars to your to-do list instead of simple circles or boxes. You can add different elements to the pages – such as a row of faces for a mood tracker. You can add pages to the planner – like adding a weekly meal planning page to the weekly planner. These ideas are just a few things you can do to make a planner unique.   

For a coloring book, you can also change those paid pages to make them unique. For example, you have purchased a package of images to use in your coloring book. Don’t just plunk them on a page and call it finished. Put a border around the pictures. Put simple sayings under the images. For a cat coloring page, say something like “See kitty playing with the ball of yarn.” or “Kitty loves her milk”. Put an inspirational phrase within the picture in a font that can be colored in. If you have mandala images, arrange them in a different way on the page, perhaps putting different sizes of the same image on one page. Try putting the mandala images in the corners and adding another picture to the centre of the page. Try combining different images on a page – perhaps one image of a cat with another of a dog or a little boy with a dog.    

Mix and match is key in creating unique interiors for your KDP books. Take images and ideas from different sources and combine them into one book to create something different. Never use the same interior over and over again without making some changes. Never copy someone else’s interior and call it your own. There are so many ways to make your interior different that it is not necessary to plagiarize.   

The above are all good tips to creating unique interiors. Of course, if you don’t have the time or skills to do this yourself, there are others who can do this for you – at very reasonable prices. Contact us at Imagination Design Arts to discuss your needs.      

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