Have you been thinking about selling on KDP for a while now but don’t know how to get started? My best advice – stop thinking about it and just do it! It may seem like a daunting task when you look at it from the outside, but once you get the hang of listing your books on the KDP platform it really isn’t that difficult. The hardest part (I think) is getting that first notebook, book or journal published. After that happens, you will get motivated to continue.   

So, what do you need to start? Well, you need a book – a novel, a journal, an idea for a new bird-watching guide – something to publish. Don’t hold yourself back by the technicalities of the Amazon publishing system. You can start simply and go on to more complex works.   

Of course, if you are publishing your first novel, things will be different. You will want a polished piece of writing, properly proof-read and formatted and with the best piece of writing you can create. But really, we are not talking about that here. Only you will know when your novel is ready to go. Let’s focus on the other easier part of KDP publishing here.   

What you need to start your publishing empire on KDP is an idea for a notebook or journal. You may want to concentrate on an idea that solves a problem that you are familiar with. Say, for instance, you are a soccer mom and you know you and other soccer moms need a journal that keeps track of practices, games, teammates names and contact information, coach’s rules – whatever. They you have somewhere to start to create the insides of your journal. Make it to solve your own problems and you can be sure that others will be able to relate to it.    

But you don’t have to start with something really complicated either. You may not be a great writer or designer but you are still interested in starting to make an income with KDP. You can start with no or low-content notebooks and journals and still be able to make some money. There are loads of people who are looking for simple lined journals to write their notes or thoughts in. You just have to appeal to what they are looking for. Supply them with an attractive cover that catches their eye and you can make a sale with a plain lined notebook. Appeal to what may interest them, whether it be pretty flowers or a hobby or sport they are interested in (like sailing, or hockey or needlepoint).   

There are many types of low-content journals that you can make up yourself or purchase to sell online. It isn’t that difficult to make lined journal pages in Powerpoint or Word. But if even that is beyond your skill-set, you can always purchase templates to help you out. You can find templates for plain lined pages, graph paper pages, dot grid pages, honeycomb style pages, practice writing pages, music sheet pages– there are so many styles to choose from. Team those pages up with a great book cover and you have a start in creating your first product for KDP. You can purchase single page templates for all these types of journals. You can purchase sets of pages to create your low-content books. You can purchase book covers too – either generic ones or one-of-a-kind. There are lots of options. You can even purchase whole kits that include book covers and interiors, and also complete sets that have everything ready for you to upload onto KDP in one easy package.    

The KDP Publishing kits sold on Imagination Design Arts  website are a fantastic way to create a lot of different journals at a very reasonable price. You have 10 different covers to choose from and various interior pages too so you can mix and match the covers with the interior pages to create lots of different types of journals.    

With all the resources available, you really have no excuse not to start your own publishing empire. The best thing to do is just jump in and start. Don’t let your fears hold you back. One of the best features about publishing on KDP is that it doesn’t cost anything to start.    

Just a word of warning though – don’t expect to publish one book and think you are going to make a fortune from it. You could of course come up with a best-seller for your first book, but realistically it usually takes a number of books to start making money on the sales.  

A quick word about size – the most popular sizes for books on KDP are 6” x 9”, 8” x 10” or 8 ½” x 11”. All are good to work with, but place some thought on the size of your book. Some people like a small compact book that they can drop into their briefcase or purse. Others like larger pages that they can write easily in. If you are doing a book for a child for practice writing or coloring, a larger sized book is best.   

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