10 Tips on Marketing Your KDP Books

The best way to get your books to sell is to have a quality book that people want to buy – in a niche that is popular and selling well. OK – so you feel you have that down pat. Here are a few tips to help you sell that book you’ve worked so hard on:   

1.  Your Book Cover is important! You want your book to have a compelling cover – one that will draw the buyers eye and make him interested. You need to have a book cover that looks good too – and looks as good in a thumbnail size as it does full-sized. Many buyers will see your thumbnail cover images in search results, in automated merchandising and detail pages, not to mention if people are searching on their cell phones. Attention to detail matters here. 

2. Ensure that your book is fully ready to go. Edit and proof-read it to make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors. This can lead to negative customer reviews – and you certainly don’t want that. 

3. Pay attention to the description of your book. It should be compelling and exciting to the buyer. This is another opportunity to convince buyers to purchase it. This is almost as important as the cover. Consider that the book cover draws the buyer into stopping to look at your book, while the description draws his interest further and convinces him to buy it. 

4. Make yourself known to your customers. Be sure to complete the author profile on your KDP account, upload a picture and complete your biography as well.  This makes you a person of interest to the buyer and makes them want to share their buying experience with you. 

5. Another important factor in marketing your books is promotion to connect with your potential buyers. You can do this for free over the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Be sure to share a link when you are talking about your books – you can even share a free preview link to get your buyers excited about your books. A blog is another way to promote your books and engage with your customers. Other ways: post on message boards, join user communities (like if your book is dog themed, join a dog lover’s community). Promote your books on sites across the web as many ways as you can. 

6. You can also use paid promotion to market your books. You check out Google or Facebook ads for this. You can even advertise for as little as $1 per day. Be careful with this though, and know what you are doing so you don’t spend a lot of money to make a little. Do your research on how to use the paid promotion resources properly. 

7. Your books may be totally in the no-content or low-content range (see the blog post on this site about what the difference is) but if you have more content for readers, be sure to publish your books as ebooks as well. You can get a lot of sales from ebooks, as well as your paperback ones. 

8. Another way to market your books that many people don’t think about is to upload videos and book trailers to advertise your books. You might want to consider a YouTube channel to host videos about your books. And Amazon’s Author Pages even gives you a place to feature these videos, so it is a good idea to take advantage of this feature if you can. 

9. Encourage your buyers to leave customer reviews. Of course, you can’t contact them directly to ask them to leave a review but you can offer your book as a freebie for a limited time period to hope to get good reviews. (Amazon does not allow you to influence a customer for a review – but the more people who have access o your book, the better chance you have of getting reviews.) 

10. The last way I am suggesting to market your book is word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends and relatives about your book publishing empire. Not only may they be customers, but they may know others who may be interested in your books. Consider this: you have a low-content book that helps soccer moms schedule the games, gear, treats and such. If you mention your book at a family gathering, your sister may say “Hey, I can recommend that book to my son’s soccer coach for their mom group.” Viola – a few sales! It’s not just who you talk to but whom they know as well.    

Of course, there are many other ways to market and promote your books. The important thing is that you consider all aspects of your books’ worth – from it’s cover, to it’s description and to the promotion of yourself. Don’t be afraid to put yourself and your books out there. The more you do, the more you will get out of it.   If you are looking for great book covers for your books, be sure to visit the Imagination Design Arts vast array of possibilities. Go here: https://www.imaginationdesignarts.com/  

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