First Steps in Finding The Right Niche for Your KDP Books

The first thing to state is that it is vitally important for you to find profitable niches to sell your books on the KDP platform. And there are some right ways to do this, and some wrong ones.   

First of all, do not try to create your own niche. This is a problem most people face when they are starting out creating and selling ebooks. Just because you have an interest in a subject, that does not mean it’s a profitable niche. (Although, I have to say it is easier to create an ebook when you know something about the subject.) It may work out that you have discovered something that no-one else has thought of, but that does not mean you will make money with it. What you need to do is to find niches that are already profitable and that are already in demand. You must follow what the market wants – not what you want.    

O.K. so now we get to the gritty stuff. Research. Research. Research. That is where you need to focus before you begin to create your first ebook.    

The best place to start your research is on Amazon directly. Take a look at Amazon’s best-seller section and you will see what the top-selling products are for each category. You will be able to tell which books and topics are selling well. You can take ideas from there which niches are worth pursuing. Let Amazon tell you which niches are ‘hot’ so you can create books that people will be interested in purchasing. 

To access Kindle’s Best Sellers List – choose ‘Kindle Store’ from the drop-down menu on This is where you can find all the best-selling books. Take a look at the left side of the screen and you will see all the different categories. Browse through the various categories and subcategories to get ideas and topics you can create your books to publish on. (Make sure you are looking at the ‘Top 100 Paid’ books and not the ‘Top 100 Free’ books – you want to make money from people who are actually BUYING books.

From this list, you can get niches that are worth pursuing as well as ideas for keywords that people are searching for. Try to think of these topics as a problem that needs solving where you can supply the resolution.

Look at the top selling books and see if you can provide a similar one. For example, if you look under Crafts and Hobbies, you may find a book for ‘Recipes in Jars’ right at the top of the list. Could you create a new book to provide new recipes in that niche? Scroll through the categories for other ideas. Write down potential keywords from those categories, and even some of your own thoughts on those keywords (you can research them later).

You may wonder what the difference is between a keyword and a niche. Keywords are the words used to locate or define an item in an actual niche (which is the market you target).

Once you have written down potential keywords (those that you have seen on the category list as well as those your have thought of on your own) you need to research those keywords to see if they are profitable. This step is vital to your success.    

Go to and select the Kindle Store from the drop-down menu. Then search each keywork term or phrase and check it.  On the 1st page you should find five or six books that meet all of the following criteria: 

  • The books have a Best Seller Ranking of 100,000 or less – and not less than 10,000 
  • The books are selling for between $0.99 and $3.99 
  • The books have been on the market for at least 3 months 
  • The books have 100 reviews or less 

To sum it up, you are looking for niches where the top five or six books (that sell between $0.99 and $3.99) have a Best Selling Rank of 100,000 or less and have been on the market for at least 3 months. This really tells you that that ebook is making roughly $50 - $100 or more each month through Kindle royalties.   

So if you can make $50 - $100 or more from one book, you can make significantly more from having more books that are doing equally well on the market. Say you had 10 books that made that amount of money, you would potentially make $1,000 per month. Imagine if you had more books like that. That is why finding the right niche and doing the proper research is so important. You can create your own book-selling empire by following this formula.   

There are other ways to find profitable niches for your ebooks – but that is for another blog post. The strategy above will at least get you started creating your ebook profits and get your creative juices flowing on how to find more profitable niches than you may have thought possible.     

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