When is the Right Time to Start Thinking About 4th Quarter Sales on KDP?

The truth is you should never STOP thinking about your 4th quarter sales on KDP! 4th Quarter is your biggest opportunity to make Christmas sales – and that can be HUGE!    

What sells the best in 4th Quarter?

Everything does, from children’s storybooks to financial planners. You can sell Christmas themed stuff and very neutral journals (not everyone wants Santa on the cover of their journal). You can sell personal diaries that begin on January 1st. There is a whole list of low content books that sell well at Christmastime.   

Some great sellers are books for people who make New Year’s resolutions – like trackers for dieter’s or people who want to change their financial circumstances, or people who want to travel more, people who want to quit smoking, or go vegetarian. There are so many resolutions that people can make and you could provide a journal to help them succeed.     

Another really good idea to have in your book arsenal is planners. So many people use planners to help them keep track of their appointments, and not all of them are comfortable using digital planners. Lots of people still want paper versions to write down all their important dates. You can provide undated planners so the user fills in the dates, or dated calendars in weekly, monthly or yearly formats. Good sellers in planners include planners that have multiple years in them so the person doesn’t have to buy a planner every year and can continue using the same one into the New Year. These types of low content books are easy to create, but you have to pay attention to detail – you don’t want to mix up the dates!   

It isn’t too early to start thinking about those Christmas sales now (this article is written in May). You should start creating planners to have ready to sell in 4th quarter. You’ll be surprised too, how many people want to buy their planners ahead of time. And you want to have a good selection on hand for gift giving. And not only planners, but other types of low-content books sell well because a lot of people like to give them as Christmas gifts.    

You need to have your inventory of books in place well before 4th quarter. As mentioned, there are a lot of shoppers who begin shopping in September (or earlier). You will begin to see a rise in your book sales about that time, so having more books to sell is always a good thing.   

Try to look at the trends that are developing throughout the year to help you gear your book creation along those lines. Are Llamas big this year? Is the trend in space adventures up? Are women wanting more empowerment messages? Keep a lookout for developing trends so you can stay ahead of the crowd when preparing for your 4th quarter sales. 

Don’t forget about designing and creating books centered on Christmas. You need to have those ready early so people searching for Christmas-related low content books will have a selection. You could create books on Christmas card lists, Christmas shopping records, Christmas party planning, Christmas activity schedules and so much more. These should all be ready early, at least before the beginning of September.   

NOW is the time to start preparing for your 4th quarter. Start early and be prepared. That way you will be in the best situation in order to make the most money at the highest sales time of year 

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