Kid’s Low Content Books to Sell on KDP

There is a HUGE market for kid’s books on KDP. Parents love to buy books for their kids. It is a learning activity for the kids, as well as an activity that keeps them occupied and busy. Kids also seem to love seeing the bright pictures and have fun with the activities.   

There are a number of ways you could go if you wish to sell low content kid’s books – and let’s face it, kids books are mostly all low content. Of course, you have the big novels like “Harry Potter’ but books for young readers are not so involved. Therefore, you can get away with easy to write picture books for kids. These are super simple to create because so little writing is needed. You can write story books with one line on a page, or your can write non-fiction books about a favorite topic. Search on Amazon to find out what the best-selling kid’s topics are.   

There are other types of low content books for kids you can publish on KDP. These include everything from homework journals to activity books. There is a large market for kid’s activity books. Kids of all ages go through them like wildfire. But that is the beauty of creating activity books. They are repeat business for you – say you have a series of activity books on one topic that the child is interested in.    

The types of activity books you could create are numerous. There are maze puzzle books, word search books, learning activity books (such as for math or reading), find the difference books, find the object books (remember “Where’s Waldo” books?) and so many others. You can create books of all one type of puzzles, or create books with various puzzles included to make it even more interesting for the child.  

The best thing to do when creating a puzzle book is to find a theme and create a book of puzzles that follow that theme. You could create a puzzle book with the theme or pirates, for instance, or cowboys or mermaids. For example, if you are creating a puzzle book with a mermaid theme, in the word search puzzles make sure you include words associated with mermaids – such a castle, fishes, siren, scales, merman, etc. You get the idea. You can create coloring pages to go along with that theme to include in the book.    

You don’t have to create the puzzles yourself either. There are various puzzle making software apps that can create the puzzles for you. I would not recommend using free puzzle making apps you find on the internet because most of those do not allow you to use the puzzles commercially. Find puzzle makers that will allow commercial use. A couple of good ones are: Instant Puzzle Generator, Kidz Puzzle Books, Maze Craze or Puzzle Maker. There are others, of course. You just have to search on the internet to find the one that suits you best.    

As mentioned, you can also create journals for kids. These can include homework journals or diaries. They can also include sketchbooks or comic making books (where you just include the blocks for kids to create their own comic drawings). You can have lined journals or blank journals for kids to doodle in. These are really simple to make – but be sure, again, to follow a theme kids are interested in.    

Creating low content books for kids is a great way to get into the KDP marketplace. The books are super simple to create requiring so little writing. And they are very good sellers. Kids love books, and so do parents. And they are a consumable product that is purchased over and over. The trick here is to find a subject that kids are interested in – and create.   

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