Book Covers For KDP

If you are wanting to publish books to make money online, you are probably looking for book covers. Whether you are publishing your ‘Great American Novel’ or just want to make money selling journals on Amazon, the cover of your book is important. What do you need in a book cover?   

First of all, you want your book cover to catch the buyer’s eye. It needs to make your book stand out from all of the others on the market. You only have a split second for that buyer to see your book cover and be interested enough to make a purchase. There are thousands upon thousands of books to choose from and even if your book has the best interior, if your book cover isn’t eye-catching you will never make any sales.   

Your book cover must be relevant to the topic of the book. Choose your book cover carefully. Don’t just put a generalized book cover on your book. Let the buyer know what the book is about from the cover. For example, if your low content book is a recipe keeper book, place something on your cover to let the buyer know what the inside contains, such as a picture of food or an old-fashioned kitchen (or something of that sort). If your book has a karate theme, choose a book cover of a person in a karate pose. General book covers (like pretty flowers) are great for general lined journals, but are not good enough if your book has a specific theme.   

Make your book cover interesting. There is nothing worse than putting out a book with a boring book cover. For instance, if your book is made to appeal to dancers, place a colorful action-filled picture of couple dancing on the cover. If you book is about kids, there is nothing better than a book cover with a cute kid on the cover. But don’t just put a picture of a child – make that child do something interesting, like playing hopscotch or flying a kite or sailing paper boats on a pond. It can’t be said enough – you have to catch the buyer’s interest and your book cover is the way to start.   

Your book cover also must look professional, regardless of whether you hire a professional illustrator or purchase a book cover from a website. The cover lets the buyer know how professional you are and reflects what they can expect to see inside.  

How to Pick Premade Book Covers   

· Browse through as many book covers as you can and find one that has a picture that is closest to your storyline or theme. 

· Pick out the style of cover your like best – whether it is digital art, photographic artwork or hand drawn. 

· Make sure you pay attention to the font too. Your title should stand out as much as the artwork. 

· Make sure your book cover is bold (you want to stand out from the other books in your genre.) Make sure it is eye-catching. 

Here at Imagination Design Arts we have many books covers for you to choose from and our selection is constantly changing. Check back often to find creative books covers for your KDP books. Click Here to find our most recent selection.  

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