Niche Research for Selling Books on Amazon

If you are thinking of publishing books on Amazon to create a passive income stream, there are 3 simple steps to follow. It isn’t a difficult process, but you do have to do a little work in order to be successful. This is not a business that requires no work at all.    

In this article, we will cover the first step in finding the right type of books to sell on Amazon in order for you to start making money.   

Niche Research   

When you are considering which type of books you wish to publish (blank lined journals, gratitude journals, log books, diaries, or other low content books) you also have to consider what niche your books should be in. What is a niche? That is simply the subject of what your book is about. It could be a Mom journal for Mothers, a garden planner, a book for surfers, an agenda for businessmen, a gratitude journal for religious people, etc. So you need to know who you want to buy your book, be it pilots or poets.    

For the sake of simplicity, for the type of book you want to publish first, we will focus on the lined journals. Now you know the type of low content book you are publishing. Then you have to get more specific about who you want to buy your book. You need to ‘niche-down’. In other words, you have to target your book towards a specific market – like dancers, or foodies, or badminton players. But you have to consider your audience very carefully. Do your research to see what types of journals are selling – and selling well. But as you consider that, also be aware of what competition you have with that type of book.   

You may have to use more long-tail specific keywords in order to find the right niche for you to sell your books. For example, if you want to sell a cat-lovers lined journal, it may be too difficult to break into that niche by just using a ‘cat journal’ keyword. Be more specific: for instance, change it to Siamese Cat Lovers Journal. Try to come up with at least 10-15 different keywords in your chosen subject.    

The best way to find out if buyers are searching for your specific journal is to type your keyword into the Amazon search box and see what comes up. As you type, a drop-down box will appear that will tell you what keywords people are searching for in that niche. Write down 5-6 keywords that you think will fit your book.   

When you have your keywords, then see if similar books are making sales. If the answer is ‘yes’ that is a good thing. If their books are making sales, yours probably will too. Check further on the books making sales – scroll down to the Product Details of the book and check on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. If you see a number, that book has made at least one sale. If you see a number between 1 and #200,000 or #300,000 that’s good. Those books are selling at least a few copies every month.  There is a tool on Amazon – Amazon Sales Estimator – that can help you with this step. You simply insert the Amazon Best Sellers Rank and it will tell you the book’s monthly sales number.   

If all of the above checks out, you have determined a good niche for your first book.    

The next article will cover the second step to publishing your first book on Amazon. That is book creation.    

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