How to Create Journals for KDP

You may know by now that uploading journals to KDP can be very profitable and produce a nice passive income stream for you. But do you know how to create journals for KDP? It doesn’t have to be a really complicated process. All you need is a theme, a book cover and an interior.    

To find a theme, go to Amazon’s books page and do a little research. Find out which are the best-selling journals and create more journals on that subject or niche. You can also go with what you know. If you are interested in, say, antique cars and are sure that niche would sell well, go with it. Perhaps you like karate and know what type of journal a person involved in karate would like. Go with it. Knowing your niche is the best way to create the best journals. You are your customer so you know what would sell in that space.   

After finding your theme, you need to find or create a good eye-catching book cover. Again, go to Amazon and do some more research. Find out which are the best-selling journals in that theme and see what customers are relating to. You can always check the number of reviews (a reflection of how many books were sold in that niche) to see which journals are popular. Check out the different styles which are the most popular and imitate them. Remember that imitation doesn’t mean copying the cover exactly. Put your own spin on it and create something new. Your own book cover may turn out to be even more popular than the one you researched.   

You can create your own book covers if you know how. There are several programs that are easy to work with where you can create them. Powerpoint is a good way to create a book cover. Canva is also a popular choice for creating book covers. There are lots of other options (Photoshop, for instance). Choose the one you are most comfortable working with. The book cover guidelines for sizes are on Amazon so you can download and follow those templates.   

Different types of books sell better is some sizes than others. For instance, a coloring book is best sold in a larger size for ease in coloring – typically 8 ½” x 11”, but some are square too. Diaries are typically in a smaller size, as are log books such as those for mileage (typically 6” x 9”). Again, research what sizes sell better in the niche you are using.   

A good way to design the interior of your journal (if you are not just creating a simple lined journal) is to lay out what you want on a piece of paper first. Using graph paper helps too. Then you can transfer your design creation to your computer, creating the boxes and areas you need.    

Of course, simple lined journals are the easiest to create. They are simply lines on a page. But don’t stop there. Create a header to match your cover. Put some element from the cover on your inside pages to tie them all together. For example, if your cover is for a lined garden journal, take one of the flowers from the cover and place it in a corner on the inside pages, or lighten the flower and place it behind the lines for a different effect. Amazon does not like to have too many journals with just plain lines. Create your journals with more details or finesse and they are sure to sell better (as well as please the Amazon gods).    

If all of this seems too complicated to you, or you are just simply not able to create a book cover or interior yourself, you can get around this by purchasing the elements to create your journals. Here at Imagination Design Arts we create book covers to sell to people who want to get into publishing their own journals on KDP. All of our book covers are unique and sold only once so you are sure to get a one-of-a-kind product. Most of our book covers also come with two different interiors, one blank for sketchbooks and notebooks, and one lined for lined journals. The interiors are always unique and tied into the theme of the covers. You can add the title of your choice to the books to make them your own.   Find Book Covers HERE

You can also find KDP kits on our website where you get a few different choices of interior pages which you can mix and match to create unique journals. There are also a selection of book covers that come with these packages – again so you can mix and match to create different styles of journals. These are very affordable.   Look HERE

We also have some interior page packages that you can use to create journals.  Find them HERE. 

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to get started publishing journals to KDP and starting your own KDP publishing empire. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember that the more books you upload to KDP, the better your chances for success.   

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