Use Keywords to Sell Journals on Amazon

It is true that there are a lot of journals for sale on Amazon. I just searched on for “lined journals” and it came up with over 40,000 items. When I typed in “journals” on I got 80,000 results. With these numbers, how can you compete to make money online selling journals on Amazon? 

One way is to have an outstanding cover that really catches the searchers eye. When someone is looking for a journal, the cover has to ‘speak’ to the searcher. Putting a quote or funny saying is one way to help attract customers. And colors help too. Red is the color of power. Use Blue when you want to be viewed as trustworthy and cool. Use pink when vying for the attention of a young female demographic.    

Another way to help your journals sell is to be laser-focused on your audience. Don’t just sell everyday journals hoping to stand out to that one customer. Sell journals in specific niches – like gardening journals or journals for new moms or journals for school memories. And journals with more details inside (other than just plain lines) sell better. Use graphics or prompted sections to make your journals stand out more.   

The best way to start creating journals that sell is to use the right keywords. Of course, you have to do your research to find the right niche to sell in. Go onto Amazon and start typing in the search box. Start with one word you wish to use, such as ‘teacher’ and see what Amazon auto-populates. What comes up for me is a long-tail keyword “teacher appreciation gift for women”. This trims down the competition to 20,000 results. You can do this with any niche you wish to sell in.   

You can also use other ways to get good keywords for your journals. You need to find as many low competition keywords as you can. A great way to find these long-tail low competition keywords is to use a free chrome extension called AMZ Suggestion Expander or Ultimate Amazon Search Suggestion Expander. There are also other apps that your can pay for that will help you find good keywords. Just type in “Keyword Research Tool” in your search bar to find them.   

You CAN make good money online selling journals if you use the right steps. Consider the tips listed above to make your journals sell better. Choose the right niche. Create (or buy) a great cover that attracts the eye. And use the right keywords to cut down on your competition so that your journals will sell better.    

Find covers for your journals at Imagination Design Arts. Click Here. Choose ones specific to your chosen niche and add a title (or quote or funny saying). Our book covers come with a done-for-you interior that is ready to upload to Amazon. Each book cover and interior is one-of-a-kind so you don’t have to worry about having a dozen journals exactly the same as yours (which Amazon frowns upon).  

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