How Can You Sell the Most Journals on Amazon?


You may ask “Can you really make money selling journals on Amazon?” The short answer is ‘yes’ you can. But it’s a bit more complicated than that. You used to be able to put up a very basic cover and a journal filled with lined pages and still make sales. Unfortunately, that market is saturated and there is a low chance of you making a lot of money selling those types of journals. So now your question should be “How can you sell the most journals on Amazon and still make money?”   

The truth is that the more basic journals filled with only lined pages (although these are the easiest to make) still sell, but the competition is fierce. You have to have a really ‘stand-out’ journal targeted to a laser-focused audience to make substantial sales. What does this mean? Your journal should be geared to a specific audience and have a really great cover to make it stand out and be noticed. Can you do this? Of course you can!   

The first thing to remember is that Amazon does not like it when you publish a journal that is just like everyone else’s. They want something unique and original. The simple journal filled with lined pages just doesn’t cut it anymore. And you can do more than that very easily. To make your journals more unique, simply add some embellishments to your pages. So, for example, if you are targeting an audience that loves karate, simply put a karate element of each page. You could have a lined journal with a figure of a karate person in the background. This would make your journal unique. Here is an example of a page you might create:   


Another thing you could do is create pages that are a little more complicated than simple lines. Place a ‘notes’ box in one corner, for instance. Or create boxes down the page for the person to write in instead of just lines down the page. Here is an example of those ideas:   

Notes Journal Page

If you are a little more ambitious, you can create journals with prompts geared to your audience. In a prayer journal, for instance, you might want to have areas for the person to write a personal prayer to God. The same page may have a section where they list the things they are grateful for, or the things they wish to improve upon. You may have to do a little writing for this type of journal, but surely a sentence or two is not hard to come up with. Here is an example of what I am talking about:   

prayer journal page

You also need to come up with a dynamite cover for your books. You need something that is eye-catching for your audience. And it should match the theme of your book. For example, a garden journal with flowers or vegetables on an attractive cover would appeal to most gardeners. But don’t just fill the cover with flowers. Make it more unique. Add bows or garden tools or a person gardening – anything to make it eye-catching. People also look with their eyes first when purchasing a journal, so make yours stand out.   

Although creating journals and make money online is a little more complicated now, it is still possible to create a good income selling journals. Here at Imagination Design Arts we offer various covers on various subjects to help you in creating your journals. Each book cover comes with two interiors all set up and ready to publish on Amazon. All of our interiors are unique and match the covers. This is an affordable way to break into journal publishing on Amazon. Go HERE to discover our current offerings. Our book covers are changing all the time so check back often. And remember that the more books you have for sale, the more chance you have of making money online.  

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