The Easy Way to Create Coloring Books for KDP

There’s no denying it. Coloring books sell, and sell well. Amazon offers an amazing opportunity for you to make passive income selling coloring books. All you have to do is upload them to start your money-making opportunity. So what is the easiest way to create coloring books to sell on KDP?   

Of course, there are a number of ways to create coloring books. If you are an artist, this should be easy for you. Do a little research on Amazon (go to and find out what type of coloring books sell best. You can choose to create coloring books for kids or to make adult coloring books. Either choice is a good one because, as said, coloring books are all the rage and they sell well. Simply create 30 coloring pages, combine them into a book and upload to Amazon.   

O.K. so you are NOT an artist. You can’t even draw a straight line. So how do you create coloring books to sell online. Here’s a short video from Youtube that shows how you can create coloring pages using various apps. How To Create a Coloring Book Interior for KDP Using Free Software As shown is this video you can easily create coloring books even if you can’t draw.   

There is another way to create coloring books to sell online. Here are Imagination Design Arts we sell packages that allow you to put images together to create your own coloring books. We have packages for Mermaids, dogs and cats, dragons, unicorns and others. Find them HERE You simply have to put the images on your pages, create a cover (which we can also supply at Imagination Design Arts) and upload to Amazon in the correct format. (You can format your coloring book using Powerpoint or a free app like Canva.)   

You can also purchase a complete book package for coloring or activity books. The packages include a book cover and complete done-for-you interior. This means that all the work is basically done for you. The pages are set up in the correct format for Amazon so all you have to do is upload the package as given. Our packages are one-of-a-kind – only one set is available of those particular pages so you will have a completely original coloring book no one else on the market has. This can be extremely important as Amazon frowns on too many duplicate books – and will rank you higher if yours is completely original and one-of-a-kind. These coloring book packages sell very well on our website and go quickly. You can find the current ones available HERE   

You can combine your coloring pages with mazes and puzzles to create an activity book for kids. Use a theme, such as Circus or Pirates, to create a cohesive book. These activity books always should include at least 10 coloring pages to round out the activities. You can buy programs (or create your own puzzles) that will supply you with different activities to include in your book. Activity books also sell well on Amazon – even adult ones (consider crossword puzzles books for adults, or mazes or word search books).    

Creating coloring books to sell on Amazon can help you quickly achieve your goals of having a passive income. Of course the more books you create and upload will give you the best chance of succeeding to make money online.  

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