Do Low Content Books Really Sell?

Amazon has an abundance of low content books that are sold every day from their stores. There is a great influx of people wanting to get into the Amazon book publishing business because it is recurring income.  Once you have a book listed for sale on Amazon, you just have to wait for it to sell over and over again and your future is made. That’s what everyone thinks and with most people it is a wrong way of thinking. You cannot put up one book on Amazon and think that’s it. Since Amazon is flooded with new books every day, the law of averages say that your book doesn’t have a hope in hell of selling.   

But it can happen, if your book is unique enough and is geared to a market that needs it. This type of book is not typically a true low content book, but one that is tailored to a specific audience and has many different pages dedicated to a particular interest.   

A low content book is a book that doesn’t have a lot of words in it, in comparison to a written novel for instance. But low content doesn’t mean no content. No content books are books with blank pages or even just lined pages. Low content can take many styles – with boxes to write in, coloring pages (no words on those typically), graphs and charts with boxes to tick off and many variations along those lines.    

When you are starting your Amazon book selling business you must be able to offer your customers something that is unique and different from all the other books on Amazon. If you don’t your book will be impossible for customers to find and therefore you will not make any sales and your perceived fortune is lost.    

But the good news is that YES low content books do sell on Amazon – and sell well. Amazon is a business and if their books did not sell they wouldn’t make any money. So Amazon would not list things on it’s sales site if they didn’t sell. Your problem is coming up with a book that people want and will be of value to them.    

There are several ways you can make money selling low content books on Amazon. You can come up with a book for a specific niche that is just right for that market. A typical example would be a book for boys’ hockey coaches to help them organize team practices, game dates, player information, etc. If you have an interest in this field, that will help you define what would be needed and therefore be able to come up with a book that coaches would want to buy.    

Coloring books are also considered low content books and sell very well on Amazon – both for children and adults. If you are artistic, you may be able to come up with coloring book interiors that will sell well. If you have no artistic talents, you can hire people to create pages for you or buy coloring page packages where you can combine pages into a unique coloring book. (You can find coloring book packages on Imagination Design Arts website!) You can also combine coloring pages with activity pages, which also sell well.    

And if you really just want to keep it simple, you can still try to sell blank or lined low content books. The catch to selling these is having a great cover that will attract a buyer’s attention – or get a cover that is themed to a particular interest (sports, baking, crafts or Moms) or season (such as Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas).  

It does usually take uploading more that one book to get sales though. You can hit it big with one best seller, but that is rare. And the more books you post, the better your chances of making more sales. If you want to make money selling low content books on Amazon, treat it like a business and put some of your soul into it. Create lots of books in different styles and niches and learn what sells. Then you can stream-line your books into what is working for you.   

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